Let the World Know You’re Q4!

If you’ve taken our “Leadership Through People Skills” course, or any course offered by Psychological Associates for that matter, you can now let the world know about your certification.

LinkedIn has new functionality that allows you to post certifications to your profile – which will appear next to your skills and education sections.  So when you’re done it will look like this:

Put your certification on LinkedIn

Tout Your Certification!

It’s easy to add this to your profile, we’ve provided a few steps below:

1) Login to LinkedIn

2) Go to “Edit Profile” in the top navigation.

3) Scroll down and directly below the gray box with your picture and website information you will see a note about adding section with an orange “NEW” button.  Click the green plus sign next to add sections.

4) This will bring up a list on the left.  Select “Certifications.”

5) This will bring up a few fields for you to fill out.  For Certification Name enter “Leadership Through People Skills”  For Certification Authority enter “Psychological Associates”  For License # enter Q4LTPSmmyy (mmyy stands for the month and year you took the course)  If you have any questions, just post to this blog or reach out to me directly.


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