The Championship Round of the “Best US Business Leaders”

The competition has been tight – but the fight is almost over!

With 42.9% of the vote Steve Jobs is leading the game, and Oprah will be his final match-up with 28.57% of the vote.

Who do you think is the “Best US Business Leader” – Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey?  Cast your vote below and the champion will be announced tomorrow!

Want to learn more about how Steve and Oprah made it to the championship round?  Check out our Sweet 16 bracket of the Best US Business Leaders.

Would you like to learn more about how to become a great leader?  We can help you!  We offer a world reknown leadership course called Leadership Through People Skills® (LTPS).  LTPS is an intensive, three-day workshop that uses real-world issues and situations to give executives the opportunity to learn and apply the interpersonal leadership skills that are proven contributors to leadership success.  Tens of thousands of executives have benefited from the LTPS experience, and the most common testimonial we receive is “LTPS not only changed how I perform at work, it changed my life.”  Visit Psychological Associates’ website to learn more!

The comments on and results of this bracket are done for fun and do not represent the opinions of Psychological Associates.  This does not represent a scientific ranking of leaders. 


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