Uncover the Success Hiding in Your Organization

Our work with clients over the years has resulted in some original and exciting new solutions to talent management challenges. Recently, we developed an approach that we believe is not only innovative, but a genuine breakthrough.

The process, which we call Integrated Talent Intelligence, enables an organization’s decision makers – CEOs and Board Members – to monitor and evaluate a variety of data regarding their senior team and key business units, providing top leaders the input necessary to direct and drive the business.

We have seen nothing like it on the market to date. Psychological Associates will be conducting a complimentary Breakfast Briefing at Cardwell’s in Clayton on June 15, 2012, to explain the new process to leading CEOs and Board Members. The event, Zeroing In  On Talent Development Through Integrated Talent Intelligence, will be hosted by Dr. Robert Lefton and Dr. Ann Beatty. Limited seating is available, so please RSVP as soon as possible.

CEOs and Board Members who attend will learn how the system produces strategically valuable data that can be applied to every aspect of talent management: talent selection, promotions, leadership and team development, succession planning, and more. It is a data-rich process that reveals discrete detail so often buried deep within the organization and so often undetected by conventional measurement methods.

Please mark this event on your calendar and make plans to join us to get the tools you need to enable your organization to seize new opportunities to grow and prosper by uncovering your hidden success.

Zeroing In  On Talent Development Through Integrated Talent Intelligence

June 15, 2012
Cardwell’s in Clayton
8100 Maryland Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105  

Seating is very limited. 

Please fill out our registration form to reserve your space:

For more information please contact Rebecca Jackson rjackson@q4solutions.com


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