PRESENTATION: Labyrinth of Leadership: Challenges For Women in the Workplace

Our own Dr. Ann Beatty was recently asked to speak about the challenges facing women in the workplace today for a leadership series hosted by Emerson here in Saint Louis.

She developed a great presentation demonstrating not only the challenges women face but specific ways women and society can work to overcome these issues to create even greater equality.

Though the event was for Emerson employees only, we’d like to share Dr. Beatty’s presentation.  You can check it out on slideshare or using the widget below.

In the presentation Dr. Beatty references an article, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All,” in The Atlantic from Anne-Marie Slaughter, PhD.  You can check it out here. 

At Psychological Associates we offer an exceptional leadership program called Leadership Through People Skills® on a monthly basis here in Saint Louis.  Leadership Through People Skills® is an intensive, three-day event that uses real-world issues and situations to give executives the opportunity to learn and apply the interpersonal leadership skills that are proven contributors to leadership success.  It teaches men and women how to use the appropriate amount of assertiveness and compassion as a leader; and helps grow the skills that help leaders obtain goals quicker.  LTPS provides rich, personal insights about leadership effectiveness and style. It strengthens influencing and people skills. It builds successful leaders.

We have also developed a group on LinkedIn where leaders can go to network with successful leaders across the globe and receive tips and articles from us as well as other individual contributors.  Join us in our LTPS group on Linkedin!

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