The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People

Whether you are a middle manager or top executive; you have surely encountered a situation where you needed to deal with a difficult person – or even a difficult group of people.  This complimentary breakfast briefing event “The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People” will introduce you to the skills you need to deal with any person in any situation to increase overall productivity and to achieve the results you desire.

In this briefing, Roger Heape, Vice President of Instructional Consulting; and Pam Hager, Vice President of Instructional Consulting – the primary facilitator of our award winning Leadership Through People Skills®, will introduce you to our Dimensional® Model of Behavior™ and help you

  • examine several common, business, interpersonal issues
  • prevent bad habits that lead to road blocks
  • and give you tips to help increase your productivity when dealing with difficult people and situations.

Check out the brief video below as an example of how good intentions can go bad in a work conversation and derail all productivity and results.

Which person is derailing this conversation? Are either of them being Q4? We’ll discuss this in greater detail in the seminar and show you how the situation could be handled better.

Think someone you deal with is not Q4? Take our survey to find out what Q they are and use what you learn in class to work better with them.

The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People is a complimentary breakfast briefing, but space is limited and it does fill up fast, so be sure to register today.

The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People
August 9, 2012
Psychological Associates’ Offices in Clayton
8112 Maryland Avenue, Suite 300, Clayton, MO 63105  7:30am
Breakfast will be served, seating is limited. 
Please fill out our registration form to reserve your space:

Like to handle things the old-fashioned way – talking to a real live person? Give us a call to register! 314.678.5678

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2 thoughts on “The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People

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