PRESENTATION: The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People

We recently hosted a Breakfast Briefing Event to help uncover the secret to dealing with difficult people. The speakers, Pam Hager and Roger Heape discussed the difference between behavior and personality – and ways you can identify behaviors and work better with difficult people.

We know even the most skilled leaders find themselves dreading stressful business conversations and may postpone them or handle them with less than stellar results, which could have a serious impact on business performance.  We would like to share this presentation with those of you who were unable to attend our event.  It will help give you the confidence you need to have the challenging conversations you may often avoid – or worse, handle badly.   After learning about this topic you’ll be able to:

•examine several common, business, interpersonal issues
•prevent bad habits that lead to road blocks
•increase your productivity when dealing with difficult people and situations

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2 thoughts on “PRESENTATION: The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People

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