PRESENTATION: The Office Battleground: The Secret to End the Conflict

office battleground

We recently hosted a Breakfast Briefing Event to help you learn how to end conflict at the office. Pam Hager, Vice President of Instructional Consulting, discussed the elements of a conflict, how changing your own behavior can help the other party change, and how you can work through – and help others work through – the conflict to arrive at the best solution.

We know even the most peaceful offices have conflict, and this can cost a company time, money, and customers. We would like to share this presentation with those of you who were unable to attend our event. It will give you the confidence you need to address conflict in your office, and most importantly arrive at a successful resolution for you and your business. After learning about this topic you’ll be able to:

  • Get past conflict and get things done
  • Size up behavior to understand the conflict styles of others, using the Dimensional® Model of Behavior™
  • Re-engage affected parties to work through the underlying disagreement
  • Control your emotions and manage others’ emotions in resolving the issue

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