Welcome STL Business Magazine Readers

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site to learn more about How to Deliver Bad News at the Office.

Are you like Naomi in a performance review? Or are you more dominant? Do you find it difficult to be straightforward when discussing a negative performance? Our award-winning Leadership Through People Skills® workshop teaches leadership development in a “learn-by-doing” format. Participants interact in an intensive, small-team environment where they practice and receive feedback on their own real-life difficult conversation cases. They learn interpersonal influencing skills to gain the commitment of others up, down, or across the organization, and have immediate application targets back on the job.

At Psychological Associates, we help individuals and companies Lead Sooner and Succeed Faster by understanding behaviors through our Dimensional® Model of Behavior™.

Now that you’re here what would you like to do?  Simply click a link below.

Leadership Through People Skills Enrollment
Enroll now for an upcoming seminar and receive $100 off your enrollment fee!


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