PRESENTATION: Learning Agility


Learning Agility is a hot topic these days – what exactly is it and how does it affect you?

This presentation will help you better understand what learning agility is, how to tell if someone has it, and when to know if you even need it for a specific role. The information within will help you identify, hire and promote individuals who will succeed and grow in their new positions.  After review you will be able to:

  • define learning agility
  • interview to uncover agility
  • setup an appropriate battery to assess for agility
  • understand the importance of learning agility within your organization

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PRESENTATION: Succession Planning


We recently hosted an event with the Metro East Illinois Human Resources Group to help HR leaders learn the key strategies to develop a succession plan. Dr. Michelle Clark, Vice President of Organizational Consulting, discussed the importance of succession planning, how understanding behavior can help you and your organization get the right plan in place, and key pitfalls to avoid when implementing a succession plan.

We know as a Human Resources leader you are continually striving to ensure you have the right people in the right roles in your organization. This presentation will help you be sure you continue to do so in the future. This information will help you create a successful succession plan which will help you identify and develop employees who can best contribute to your organization’s goals in the future.  After review you will be able to:

  • avoid the pitfalls of only analyzing past performance
  • combine and accurately measure past performance and skill sets
  • analyze future potential of individuals

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PRESENTATION: Integrated Talent Intelligence-Zeroing in on Talent Development

Zeroing in on Talent Development

We recently hosted a Breakfast Briefing Event for CEOs to help uncover the success hiding within their organization. The speakers, Dr. Ann Beatty and Dr. Robert Lefton discussed a new process, which we call Integrated Talent Intelligence, which enables an organization’s decision makers – CEOs and Board Members – to monitor and evaluate a variety of data regarding their senior team and key business units, providing top leaders the input necessary to direct and drive the business.

We would like to share this presentation with those of you who were unable to attend our event.  It will demonstrate a new way for you to acquire and compile talent development data, previously unavailable, that can provide keener insight regarding what is needed to direct and drive your business more effectively.  After learning about this topic you’ll be able to:

•Monitor and evaluate your senior team and key business units with greater precision
•Make better selection, hiring, and succession decisions
•Determine productive talent development strategies
•Gain a deeper understanding of talent management  decisions and the effects on your business
You can check out the full presentation on slideshare by clicking the link below, or you can view it within this article.

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