A big “Bravo!” to our honored clients and all of the Top 150 Privately Held Companies – we know earning this achievement was not an easy task!

bravoWe also know some of the secrets to becoming a top company – and would like to share that information with you.  We have provided some FREE tools for you below.

Harvard Business Review study revealed that companies who invest in talent management outperform the competition in all measures of business – including Earnings Per Share and Gross Profit Margin. This holds true for private companies as well.  That’s why it’s no coincidence that we work with so many of the St. Louis Business Journal’s Top 150 Privately Held Companies. The success of these companies is undoubtedly both the result of and a testament to their commitment to talent management and ensuring they have the right people in the right roles.

Check out what one of our clients has to say

We have been working with companies from the Fortune 1000 and elite lists like the Top 150 for more than a half century, and we know the challenges businesses like yours face every day. We also understand the importance of your culture to both your employees and your customers, and that every company is unique.

From assessing the playfulness of a frontline toy store employee to discovering the mathematical skills and entrepreneurial spirit of a financial advisor, we have the expertise to help you lead sooner and succeed faster and we we can help you identify and develop the talent you need to support your company’s specific strategy.

One of the most common mistakes companies make in hiring is not crystalizing the complete job requirements. Not just the standard requirements – such as skills, education, and background – but the often overlooked requirements like what behavioral characteristics are necessary for a particular position. Ensuring you have the best fit between your employees, their skills and behaviors, and your culture is at the center of all we do. We do assessment testing, 360 surveys, feedback, consulting, leadership training, sales training, team building – and basically anything that can help an employee be better and an employer achieve better results.

All of our services are based on our Dimensional® Model of Behavior™ which helps you learn why people behave the way they do – and how you can best work with the behaviors you encounter.

Free Tools

The following are three FREE tools that illustrate just a small portion of what we do every day to guide companies to become the organizations their leaders want them to be.

Tool 1: The Secret to Dealing with Difficult People. An online, self-guided presentation that introduces you to the skills you need to deal with any person in any situation to increase overall productivity and to achieve the results you desire.  You will:

  • Examine several common business interpersonal issues
  • Prevent bad habits that lead to road blocks
  • Receive tips to help increase your productivity when dealing with difficult people and situations

Download the PDF now

Tool 2: The Office Battleground: Secrets to End the Conflict.  Whether you are in the midst of the battle or playing the role of the peacekeeper, this online, self-guided presentation will help you find resolutions to your issues. Unresolved issues can lead to diminished performance or cause permanent harm to your company. You will learn:

  • How to get past conflict and get things done
  • How to size up behavior to understand the conflict styles of others
  • How to reengage affected parties to work through the underlying disagreement
  • How to control your emotions and manage others’ emotions in resolving the issue

Download the PDF now

Tool 3: Find Out What Behavior You’re Dealing With After reviewing either of the two tools above, you’ll be familiar with our Dimensional® Model of Behavior™, and you may even be ready to put it to use.  We have a great tool that helps you identify someone’s Q behaviors – so you can develop a go-forward plan to work better with him/her in the future.

To use this tool, simply click the link below – and once you arrive on the page click which type of person you will be evaluating, (boss, peer, etc). Then follow the prompts to find out what Q they are!

Use the tool

Have you reviewed all the tools and ready for more?  We can schedule a complimentary personal consultation with one of our representatives to better understand your needs and discover how our services may best fit your situation.

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