Q4 Disruptions

Psychological Associates is excited to announce that our own Cindy Lefton, RN, Ph.D., Vice President Organizational Consulting, had an article published in the May 2013 issue of prestigious American Nurse Today. In the article, “Why disruption can be a good thing,” Cindy discusses how positive disruption – or challenging the status quo – in the medical field can lead to better patient outcomes and why nurses should create this positive disruption. “Unfortunately, in health care, too many situations arise where workers fail to speak up and disrupt the status quo – with serious repercussions,” she said.

When someone does not challenge the status quo or rock the boat, they are exhibiting Q2 behaviors based on the Dimensional Model of Behavior®. This can be detrimental to any company or, in the case of healthcare, to patients. By learning how to behave in a more Q4 manner, you can help your organization go from good to great or help avoid potentially serious repercussions for a patient. Being overly friendly or accepting of a superior or direct report is also call for a “positive disruption.” This Q3 behavior can lead to mistakes and things being swept under the rug, which can lead to a false sense that everything is ok.

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Cindy combines her extensive knowledge of organizational psychology with her experience as a registered nurse to develop effective interventions for academic medical centers and hospitals. She is a sought-after speaker and author of many articles on the topic of psychology in nursing and healthcare leadership, and she will have additional articles published in the coming months.

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