Get a Kindle and Fill It With the Best Leadership Books of All Time

Everyone has a favorite leadership book.  The “one” that changed their career. published a list of a dozen or so of the Best Leadership Books of all time. has their own “recommended” list too.  As a matter of fact, if you Google “Best Leadership Books,” you’ll come up with pages and pages of articles written about which books are the best.

So how does one decide which is the best, and where to find it?  Though we do fancy ourselves “connoisseurs” of leadership fare – and we definitely have our favorites, one of which is our own “Leadership Through People Skills®,” we think most leaders find out about the best books, programs and ideas from their own network – books colleagues have read and recommended, something you saw another person reading, a program you heard about from a fellow executive, etc.

We understand the power of sharing with your network and we would like to offer you the opportunity to earn a free Kindle Fire you can load with all of your favorite leadership books – for sharing information about our leadership program and enrolling 3 or more of your employees in our award winning Leadership Through People Skills® course.

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Leadership Through People Skills® is an intensive, three-day workshop that uses real-world issues and situations to give executives the opportunity to learn and apply the interpersonal leadership skills that are proven contributors to leadership success.  The skills that help leaders obtain goals quicker.  LTPS provides rich, personal insights about leadership effectiveness and style. It strengthens influencing and people skills. It builds successful leaders.

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The fine print: This offer cannot be combined with any other offers.  This offer is only valid with 3 or more fully paid tuitions.  This offer is not valid for any workshop dates other than September 2012.  This offer is not transferrable.  The participants must register, attend and complete the September Leadership Through People Skills® (LTPS) workshop held at the Charles F. Knight Center on the campus of Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri to qualify.  The Kindle Fire will be shipped to you after the enrollees graduate from the LTPS program.  Psychological Associates is not responsible for any guarantee or warranty of the product – standard manufacturer’s warranties apply.